Friday, October 10, 2008

A day in the life...

of a children's photographer.  This series of pictures cracks me up.  These little guys are from my session this morning.  This first picture was the very first picture of the day.  "Who is this lady and why is my mom making us do this."
The next one is half way through the session.  "Okay, she is nice and this is kind of fun!  We can show her how cute we are."
And this one was the very last picture of the day--and you can see why.  "Alright lady, if you want us, come get us!"
It was fun!  Thanks MC.  It was fun getting to know your boys!

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Mary Ellen said...

Heidi, you have such a great way of capturing a child's personality-just amazing! I could look at your blog/website all day.